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11 April 2020 @ 08:02 pm
    A. "On an Unknown Country" Hilaire Belloc

    B. "Before the Law" Franz Kafka

   C. Poetry

           "Laurels Burning"
           "Capitol Defense"
           "Invisible Doubts"
           "Flower Stems"
           "Uncordial Plots"
           "With Counselor's Math..."
           "Annulled Again"
           "Eyes for Ascent"
           "Lotus'ed to Happiness"

    D. Haiku

           "Invisible Doubts""
           "Flower Stems""
           "Thought Embers"
           "Crossing Circles"
           "Vicarious complexity"
           "Doting Labors"
           "Immortal Coins"
           "Perfect Greed""
           "Bandage Caution"
           "clouded notes""
           "Sight Deposits"
           "embeded foxes"
           "Without Filters"
           "see fit"
           "fallen prey"
           "Bird Songs"
           "bandwidth arousal"
           "By Design"
           "Elusive Lairs"
           "Cures All"
           "light steps"
           "Funhouse Allusions"
           "On Hold"
           "faultless Feats"
           "The Beckoning""
           "Before the Nest"
           "Hot Pursuit"
           "The difference"
           "Affective happiness" or "ah"
           "No Luxuries"
           "Brambling Bar"
           "Elaborate Defiance"
           "Imperfect Baskets"
           "Mourning Light"
           "Quiet Harvests"

    E. Comedy Central
           Visual aids help. My Wrists Told Me (Marissa Tomei)
           Just being derivative
           Straightforwardly published Marion County history
           Kenny & I found the Brown musical note (phrase)
           Water puddling on the Moon is
           A Pan Poem by Robert Frost is read by South Park
           what is cheesing?
           who is eric cartman's father?
           Talking Heads
           Someone's blackberry
           From Dan Henninger's "Wonderland"
           Repay ages of tears with ages of tears

    F. Community Planning
           Science & community
           Thoughts on early Rome & the illiterate dark ages
           A recent conversation
           20 years to another sunspot minimum=more gravity
           tears water rebirth
           Atonement Reader: When the Lark speaks
           NWA Big Broadband (partnership development)
           community letter
           Camille Paglia and the next poem

    G. Science
           Prerequisite knowledge
           fundamental echolocative communication
           Being is a Public Responsibility
           homosexuality and abortion
           "Mexico Policy" :The Horizons of Grief
           Death has a Shadow
           Randy Travis - Just A Matter Of Time
           Pregnancy and Atmospheric Facts

    H. Theory of Mind
           Memory Retention, cortisol spirals, & Sleep
           A pulled Livescience article
           genetic regulatory mechanisms for protein synthesis
           microbiotic knowingness
           The varying metabolics of thought outcomes
           "synaptic self" lesson extrapolation
           Living History and living pure reason
           Mental Action
           10.earliest Alzheimer's symptom: Paradigmatic Thinking
           Microbiotic Knowingness 2

    I. Foreign Policy
           currency trading & banking equity
           Equity lines can be created from near illusion
           Rapidly transform Third World Africa
           Combusted Rhetoric
           Conakry,Guinea2028 Olympic Committee
           The Politician's Energy Crisis
           Publicly endorse al- Sadr

    J. Solar Science
           Solar Storms
           AGW is Falsified
           Magnetic Field Changes
           30 yr Ocean Temperature cycles
           Sunspots are gaussian dependent interstellar events
           Lindzen and Choi
           Ice age(January Thaw)
           The Life of the Sun
           CO2 and ENTROPY
            Cosmic Rays
           The Cloud Mystery
           Supersymmetry & The Big Bang
           On Noctilucent Clouds and Climate
           Sun's Energy Management Patterns
           Tectonic Climate Change
           Sunspot Min/Max
           The Carrington Event
           Oldest Oral Tales
           The heliopause and the Kuiper Belt
           Another Theory of Everything

    K. Public Policy
           Protecting Banks from Eurozone debt
           Kill the Euro
           The loss of trade
           state of the union" chatter
           Monetary Policy is slow
           Make the look of a street person
           What is Congress thinking?
           Swing Trading Monetarism
           Other Sandy Footprints
           Tax policy secrets from Pioneer Village
           Fundamental Right
           Pregnancy Control bests the greedy sophists
           Payoff structure difiiculties for mortgages