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11 January 2008 @ 12:14 am
that fundamental right  
It is a woman's right to decide when to become pregnant; pregnancy begins at the conception of life. Abortion represents a social and legal failure to empower women. Furthermore, its advocation occurs with ontogenetic festiveness to power the want by one that is more commonly spoken as the language of rape; relatable performances that are equally damaging cultural life's perpetuating historical beneficence.

Put another way for the its your body crowd, to be a private act abortion must be consequencelessly asocial. Its decidability, however, provides consequential public instruction that thereby conveys body ownership back to the community of life. Therefore, when the absolutist parties to the feminist brain trust respond with "take the good with the bad" abortion advocacy, they are misguidedly furthering social dissolution.

The continuing appearance of campaign honing wackos and the awful fits of unexplainable violence are signifying missteps by the women's movement. Responsible feminism would reconsider how the didactic elevation of the harmfully out of place want of one doctrine is affecting greater Life.