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09 January 2008 @ 05:46 pm
Pregnancy Control bests the greedy sophists' phrase "birth control"  
The phrase "birth control" is sophistry that teaches women to assume that they are ultimately unable to control whether or not they become pregnant and thus that other methods for ending pregnancy are acceptable (its not their body until its their body nonsense).

Why haven't pregnancy control methods advanced since Roe v. Wade? The Pro-Choice Industry and Investors have a financial stake, profitability, in ensuring the largest potential client base. To this end, the Pro-Choice lobby safeguards its investments by discouraging legislative support for research into advancing pregnancy control methods and minimalizing side effects of pregnancy control.

The Pro-Choice industry has deluded its captured clientelle with the indefensible "its your body belief system". If women seeking abortions actually controlled their body functions (through access to advancing pregnancy control methods and DNA marker testing services), they would not need abortion clinics. In this light, it is obvious that abortion clinics have no incentive to regard female empowerment, because these clinics are paid to own the bodies of women whose limited choices have created unchosen and unintended pregnancies and types of pregnancy.

A legitimate Pro-Choice movement would be designed to protect the concept of intending pregnancy, intending life.