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14 July 2008 @ 07:50 pm
What is Congress thinking?  
I. Production restrictions have enabled market manipulators to advantage themselves through demand curve price spirals and have consequently created the beyond belief oil company profits. These sharp energy related inflations leave most other business sectors with a declining share of capital value while providing business development corporations and other capital guilds funding pools for cheaper pursuits of assets. The dominant contributors to capital guilds will always have the means to capture the largest stake in the regularly evolving profits of the marketplace.

The Federal Reserve's loose monetary policy is presently furthering marketplace financial imbalances. The extra liquidity that it has provided will however effectively remedy economic misfortunes when energy costs are again subjects of smart policies that persuade Currency Swing Traders to support a strong dollar.

II. Having access to easier to extract energy resources strengthens the value of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve because it is filled by a federal "tax" on domestic producers. Future releases from the SPR are conditionally irrelevant to its strategic value because new energy leases are a quantifiable feature of its mandated capacity targets. As such, opening any new domestic energy rich drilling leases will lead to immediate declines in ENERGY PRICES.

***Sensible people know that most oil spills occur because of tanker malfunctions; reduce the number of tankers....****
***Sensible people know where and why oil is thick/thin ( Areas where the eonic mechanisms of pressurized forcing maximize rapid turnovers from carbon lifeforms, green land, are oil rich****

There are so many worthy green projects for which to bargain. cleaning the pacific as part of a NEW International Environmental Superfund (just do it!) even if garbage collection is a multi-billlion dollar fulltime effort, higher cafe standards, clean coal, and energy trading are examples

**other notes


The windfalls tax idea is stupid because it increases the prospects of Foreign Investors seizing our business entities and moving the enterprises overseas.

"This is the foundation the EPA and the Federal and State Governments and the litigators in the courts t......."