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02 April 2012 @ 01:00 am
sometimes visual aids help My Wrists Told Me (Marissa Tomei)  
When Does Leann Cartman decide to tell Eric the truth? While she is in bed with Bill Clinton

image of andy 18 months after the two now famous girls tried to kill him by slicing his wrists (FT. Bragg, NC). Pain-based neurocircuits still register the event both in mind and location

(Left Wrist/ The Stick)

Left wrist suffered high degree serration; the wound was caused by the stick

The right wrist was cleanly scarred by the swiss army knife.

(Right Wrist/ Swiss Army knife)

who fathered eric Cartman( cartman's Mom is a dirty slut & Episodes named 200 & 201)
http://www.last.fm/music/Indigo+Girls/_/tried+to+be+true (what separates>they've hated me from day 1>They love HRC & Bill)
http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/indigogirls/somethingreal.html (Sun on a funeral. Full moon in a midday sky= Son was eclipsed...)
I can do this all day and all night (see Joe Dirt)
: Supersize 'em