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14 January 2009 @ 06:54 am
Ideas: A quick start to rapidly transform Third World Africa (Guinea)  
I.International and domestic interestst in Guinea should site in NE Guinea (Hydrology considered) a purposefully designed and built infrastructure supportive of a large modern city. Leveraging (development loans-venture capital) feed loops will put mining development dollars to work building economic stability and growth throughout the entire mining region if it geometrically interrupts the current failed transportation of value system. As Guinea's gold font, Siguiri's native wealth (value) will perfectly triangulate business traffic throughout the Dabola, Kankan, NE Guinea City to be (Hydrological Issues), and Nzerekore corridor if a residing modern banking network is established to seat its impetus....Kouyate' may no longer be PM but he can be a business TITAN if named to the boards of well oiled companies starting or with established operations in Guinea because of his resume (better than almost all former and current government officicals who should be just as ready for participation regardless of the scale of immediate personal wins).

A. Niger-Tinkisso. 17/01/02; Kankan; 400,600 ha; 11°20'N 009°15'W. Réserve naturelle gérée. An extensive area of river and freshwater ponds and marshes between and around the Tinkisso river and the Niger as far as the frontier with Mali, centering upon Siguiri, particularly representative of the most important wetland types of West Africa. The Western Giant (or Derby) Eland, thought to be extinct in Guinea, has been rediscovered within the site but remains threatened, and appreciable number of both waterbirds and molluscs are reported. Water quality is generally good, but the effects of mining (particularly gold mining) and pesticide runoff from cotton culture will bear close watching. Ramsar site no. 1166.

II> Most international companies operating within Guinea are now including language supportive of planning and investing in villages and cities infrastructure improvement projects.

The Kankan to Conakry railway line was likely disabled because of the large numbers of villagers hopping the train to slumtown poverty in Conakry and the promise of a more western life because there was no opportunity for quality of life improvements in their native regions.

Ideally, in the big picture, the Organization of African States, the IMF, UNCTAD, World Bank, etc all would like to see a transafrican transportation system; strategically pinpointed large cities growth; Eco-conscious widespread rural infrastructure improvements that protect sensitive ecosystems and preserve forests; etc.

Resource rich Guinea is purposed by the international community to be another African state financial spark plug for longterm continental development (DD). Building schools and modernizing village life throughout the settled countryside is essential to this planning. City and village planning for population satisfying upgrades (schools, hospitals, city services, pubic employment,etc) are the primary reason for the Guinea government's willingness to suspend or void existing mineral contracts.

The Siguiri mining region is a prime example of the longterm development and migration problems of Guinea. It is currently without a well developed large city and village life is mostly about dancing shantytowns and hard labor for the lucky with squalor as opportunity for many.

There is hope that the region will grow around an urban center that will require a new triangle for the transguinea railway (more transAfrican accessible); this is where the cost splits between the disparate mining enterprises and international financiers become essential. </span>

III Then regional growth begins with Crossborder Cooperative development with Mali formed from a New triangle ( Bamako, Sikasso, Kayes, and NE Guinea Financial Center)
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