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10 April 2009 @ 09:11 am
tears water rebirth  
As silently personal and endlessly repeating self-proselytization (conversion), the heartfelt and commonly heartache laughed self-abnegating tears are the transmogrifying components of rebirth. This unwound release into emotional connectedness is historically unique to the traditions of Christianity.

1.old testament renamed "books on law" (their struggles with Law are as ours )& new testament renamed "books on love"
A)the two are separated by the liberation of Psalms and Proverbs---

2. More than anything, the crucifixion founded the christian church. It fulfilled his life's only encompassing purpose and His church testifies as the living resurrection.

A) Dying for sins means dying so that Christians would have a forum to know God; Jesus's church. The establishment of his church resolves the ultimate sin in Christian theology, not knowing God. The Church, by its nature, provides God with to be felt praise resulting from love of knowingness (agape) and replaced the acceptableness of reward seeking obedience.
a) "Do this in memory of me" Communion defines Jesus's continuing resurrection so belief in its becoming (christian actualization) is the bedrock of the church's spiritual edifice. we participate in this fact of history as though we are guests at the last supper

3) baptism introduces new members to the church (parish) community. It is a local bond of special commonness

: "A Secret Shared Is A Trust Formed"