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01 November 2005 @ 01:22 am
earliest Alzheimer's symptom Paradigmatic Thinking- 18ish(hypophysis regulation *genetic&otherwise*  
beta amyloids are not found in the minds of children and their most typical response to the question is 'i know it' unless otherwise indoctrinated. beta amyloids are plaques which accumulate in the brain in response to metabolic changes and diet. Paradigmatic thinking has discernible physiological representations (depth of neuropathways and the extent of prevalence of beta amyloids; facts corresponding with sensory awareness: the depth of sensory awareness in turn is represented by the extent to which the physiological default there is only me primal survival mechanism of the right parietal lobe is activated )....

i had been researching alzheimer's disease and extended its lessons on the harmful accumulation of plaques in the brain to the younger dynamics of our cognitive existence. (it is not rocket science. The simplest answers are always the best. During general adulthood, almost everyone is caught up in exercised learning (language/ Logic and memories) and maintaining alertness to training (which is not necessarily about the upkeep of a mind of a child plasticity).