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14 February 2008 @ 10:34 pm
Prerequisite knowledge  
1. Once the placenta begins formation the mother will be subjected to the biological growth of love conditions. There is a hard-wired clock (it is a subroutine of complete gestation) preparing the mother for the sensory meaning of the life she carries when it is outside of her body. ♠The gestalt is upset by absence (death)....Sensory Feedloop processing of the continued life, on the other hand, is dazzling (high functioning echolocation).

Obviously biological loving of the blastocyst begins when it signals its presence with waste production igniting an immune system response. The identity signal of the blastocyst is however fleeting until its implantation in the endometrium.

2.We are talking about how the Ventromedial Prefontal Cortex and other sensory centers process life into consciousness by way of the hippocampus's and the amygdyla's activation of dopamine production to suppress (open) the Nucleus Accumbens which normally is a hyperexcited closed gate to unknown Conscious information processing.

when the amygdyla signals that " like" has intensified, the stronger the feedback of uptake and output for self-expressions becomes. Logically, when dislike intensifies the more closed the gate of the Nucleus Accumbens becomes. ********

3.That essentially a sacrifice for prefrontal lobe development RARELY PANS out in a way that allows education to hide the social disequilibriation resulting from the cognitive dissonance imparted by the abortion aftermath. The dogma of individualism guarantees that if the woman who is choosing the short-circuit does not have strong and beneficial social ties then she will be victimized by her "peers" first. Opportunities are limited from the individualist's perspective and every body in the game likes having wedge issues to draw the attention of supporters, not to solve the issues.</div>