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19 April 2009 @ 02:11 am
Death has a Shadow  
Deafferentation, Phantom limbs, Tonically Active Neurons and the Somatosensory Cortex

Abortion/ miscarriages/SIDS disrupt the normal operation of emotion-based information networks and consequently sensory processing information networks are also distorted.

I don't care how smart brain pharmacists think they are if the brain cannot resolve targeted information disruptions then pill whitewashing of these cognitive network problems will not be a fix for diminished intelligence issues (you can't give up prominent neural networks and expect to be as smart).

Would like to see studies measure the captivating extent of Emotional Intelligence (beauty is appealing but it doesn't capture)...would like to see measures comparing how much the identity presence of the lovers are held by the emotional intelligence information networks of their partners and then include targeted disruptions of those same networks so that responses can be analyzed.

I said nothing about building improved functionality through alterations of chemical imbalances that result from production abnormalities...There is a difference between serving the living moments of the brain and finding instances of moments within the brain to serve.


***Declining intelligence factors for women impact the intelligence potential of future children (social intelligence...Individual intelligence reduction is accumulatively more destructive over larger time sequences).
Social Circles influenced by abortion mindsets are also victimized by the consequenced limiting of emotional/sensory intelligence (If they don't see GOD move then I am less likely to see him move as well.

(The declining capacities of minds to know the "Is"ness of "Is" doesn't just coincide with increasing spiritual scepticism; it is responsible for it because undiminished minds, by their natural capacities, are influenced by disjointed minds that no longer have full use of emotion/sensory aspects of intelligence )

Best to keep composite intelligence intact and perhaps realize the benefit of high functioning echolocation.
('81 Silver Spring Monkeys SCIENCEi)
Biting the fruit enslaves wreckless base to perfect life maidens who "Sexed up" their narratives to sell themselves for hero worship.

Enticing more women, teenagers, and young adults into unexpected pregnancies served to increase the probability of abortion use. Planned Parenthood has helped to limit research funding for effective contraception throughout the Abortion era to further amplify unexpected pregnancies and consequenced abortions to improve its business performance and thus its rent seeking and endorsement potency. *More than 40 million abortions since 1981 and almost all of them were chosen to resolve unexpected pregnancies resulting from wrecklessness

The Well Known and Expected advances of cable and mass media provided planning venues for culture marketing that enhanced the anomically individuating affects brought about by the mass introduction of abortion related and unnatural physiological neuropathies that are now spiraling the weakening of neuroanatomically based communication networks between generations and all other interlocutors. (Footprints of the neuronal communication between the mother and the 3 week old aging fetus are permanent and with abortions or other losses become a constant source of usually poorly vented emotional distresses. In response, culture warriors made destabilizing anger ok by using it as entertainment)

At this moment a good portion of the lost ones should instead have already joined the small group traditionally adapted to hypophyseally processing, literally reading the air of thoughts(specific& knowable energy bursts) , a unified vision that encompasses the best of mentational variability.


Casting Crowns - Here I Go Again from Casting Crowns on Vimeo.

: neurons after 3 weeks.how often does the appendix make itself known to the Motor or Somatosensory Co
: Killing in the Name of