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19 October 2009 @ 01:11 am
Supersymmetry and why The Big Bang did not happen.  
Headnote: It is believed that some elementary particles (axions) cannot be deconstructed from radiating matter because they do not radiate and exist only as potentials for building matter whose whereupon deconstruction favors alternate elementary compounds (fermions, bosons, and neutralinos --WIMPs).

andy no longer believes in the big bang theory. Instead, he believes that the universe grows from the tearing of space time by the increasing concentration of matters of gravity inside black holes.A Black hole creates space time tears because its gravity disrupts other celestial gravities.

As an adaptation of string theory and the quantum mechanics of teleportation, black holes must control the activities of specific subatomic particles that work in concert to pull through other celestial gravities.

I am actually seeing how quantifications for & of all celestial gravities can lead to formulaic prediction of where space time tears will occur so long as imaging for chemical analysis is available. Space time Tears likely occur where stars are born as ignited and pulsating gravity vacuums

Measures of the universe's age through Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation are misleading. Proposed Big Bang particles are likely just the oldest possible examples of matter produced from space time tears; at some point all matter is recycled.

Again..what if Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation decayed into Dark Matter axions until it was remade by intense gravity (black holes) into the potentially star making activator form of dark matter called neutrinos (see it as lightning that the components of some galactic quadrants can prevent expression of even as its action travels in and out of favorable quadrants as process making its own bed for Creation activities).

It is established that stars make heavier elements....One would think that if black holes are pulverizing heavy elements into as yet undetected subatomic particles (flashing strings) then they would be emitted from the gravity trap thickly and consequently be comprised as slow moving (cold) form of dark matter( identified as weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs), aka information, until remade into radiating matter

(The declining capacities of minds to know the "Is"ness of "Is" doesn't just coincide with increasing spiritual scepticism; it is responsible for it because undiminished minds, by their natural capacities, are influenced by disjointed minds that no longer have full use of emotion/sensory aspects of intelligence )

There was no beginning . God always was.

The Big Bang Theory is just a model that is used to establish what the components of creation are. To achieve its ends, it must start time as t=0. It is unfortunate that so much research has been spent trying to find support for the big bang as a real event...Inflation theory is a waste of time.

In the most recent physics publications, the word Theory no longer follows the antecedents Big Bang. They are now followed exclusively by the word Model....The Big Bang Model implicitly acknowledges that time was never t=0.