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19 May 2009 @ 04:11 am
currency trading & banking equity (Dual currencies EC,whole w euro, individual members nationalized)  
Mundell's ideas on regional currencies are viable if used to transition as yet or newly emerging markets by backboning them into useful form as currency fuel storehouses for capital investment engines. As stand alone markets and by their nature, 2nd and 3rd world nations are too unstable for anything but fantastic and hardly pursued risky currency market use.

When 1st world nations establish regional currencies, on the other hand, they deprive the marketplace of incalculable exchange opportunities. Currency exchange grafts new value onto the issues because their exchange produce income (IMMEDIATE BANKING EQUITY). By subsequent measure, the worth of individual currencies are continuously subjected to global evaluations that account for the time frame shifting (GROWTH POTENTIAL) of the economic community's income product..

The G20 should note that regional currencies continue the gold standard flaw; they both limit exchange opportunities.

I. Advancing the Integration of Global Banking

A Banking software platforms account for exchange opportunities.
1. I have 1 euro or $.78 or 1.06 British pounds...francs and marks.... I'd settle for having these two currencies available contributing relief to the dollar overhang

B.Imagine Ross Perot selling business machines which accomplish the exchange value conversions automatically. As transactions, the cost for individual conversions would be so marginal that it would never factor into buying decisions.
1. paragraph 2

II. Kill the Euro by slowly and measuredly replacing it with currency baskets that account for according renationalization of currency and central banks.  The euro's use helped to give away banking's best insurance against calamity (see RBS), efficient till skimming (of more than 100 trillion dollars of financial issues).  Technological advances are introducing wealth maximizing banking software and product suites which completely advantage national currencies, income products, and international market integration
thereby resolving deficiencies (income loss/deflation) resulting from the unification of currencies
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