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09 October 2009 @ 02:23 pm
Sun's Energy Management Patterns  
(Dalton and Maunder Minimum are mostly distinguishable because the PDO entered a Warm Phase during the latter half of the 18th century )

I. ON topic (The ice age has been i in development since Leif Erickson's Greenland colony failed. . )***The october snow line is still moving further south...I have only been paying attention since 2003, but ...)

A. little more clarity in the box :

This Solar Minimum will be quieter than the Maunder Minimum

True Milankovitch event---the sun's 100,000 year eyewall replacement cycle (convenient imagery): the sun's core loses electrons? (subatomic particles) to its outer layers and the shifting balance of their "weight"/ energy potential determine how efficiently the sun is able to share its energy within the heliosheath. When it is less efficient, the sun becomes more massive; its gravity then bends the orbits of solar bodies, increases tectonic activity and mountain building 1)The Sun's sunspot grand maxima (~700 years) time scale math is saying that the current Solar Minimum will be greater than the little Ice Age (maunder minimum) so long as the sun is still undergoing the same Milankovitch 100,000 year eyewall replacement cycle.

a) ** We can have a better understanding of the internal dynamo of the sun's energy fusion process if we discarded consideration of gleissenberg cycles, counted the dalton minimum as a feature to the maunder minimum, and used only the grand maximums to mark start/ end points of the sun's energy process

2) If we are charting the effect of solar energy management upon earth's climate, then the even wiki established fact that over the last 10000 years the warm periods are growing less warm and the cold periods are growing colder means that the sun has been increasing the amount of energy that it is keeping in cycles that accord with its energy fusion dynamo (It is formulaic but our life spans and accumulated scientific data will be too inadequate to certify for 100,000 years-we have to record all the related data changes for the period)

a) the 4 recorded gleissenberg cycles are out of tune manmade distinction identified because of how close we are standing to all recorded data. In the warmest heart of the Milankovitch 100,000 year eyewall replacement cycle, where the sun is most efficient, I expect that the 11 year sunspot cycle and gleissenberg cycles are not distiguishable. INSTEAD THEIR CURRENT DETECTABILITY IS SYMPTOMATIC OF HOW FAR ALONG INTO THE INEFFICIENCY OF THE SUN'S ENERGY FUSION DYNAMO WE Are***compare (Katayama & Sato, 2000)</span>

: accomplished