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19 December 2009 @ 08:38 pm
CO2 and ENTROPY Upper Tropospheric Response Amplitude & (angular momentum of it and earthquakes)  
It determines where the reradiated infrared is directed (convective currents). Convection also cools the latent heat energy of infrared radiation thus changing its wavelength and according to thermodynamic theory increasing the chance that the new wavelength for infrared radiation is absorbed by other substances.

Which makes me think about Niels Bohr discovering that the absorption of infrared radiation causes the electrons of elements and bonded substances to become excited (a reflection of the heat exchange) and that this excitement reduced reradiated heat content through entropy thereby changing the wavelength of the infrared radiation. These changes to the wavelengths of the infrared radiation increase the likelihood that it is absorbed by water vapor but these water vapor columns can be up to 60 miles tall (if the sun is quiet) and become quite cold. As the ice crystallization at the top of thermosphere increases, the more light energy from the sun that is reflected back into space and the less energy that the earth receives thus forcing earth to exhaust more of the energy that it contains until its surface is too cold too give more or the solar wind, as the escape valve for greenhouse potential and the reflection of the solar dynamos determination of the size of the earth's magnetosphere increases the heat and heat transfer from the thermosphere through the mesophere > stratosphere > troposphere > heterosphere >homosphere and onto land and water (athenosphere) where it is absorbed and reradiated as infrared energy.....

read the book "The Finalized Climate Puzzle" now there are two giants....

THink: Cold Sun/and or Cold Oceans=less upper troposhpheric response amplitude
: Upper Tropospheric Response Amplitude determines surface temperature capacities
: Less Upper Tropospheric Response Amplitud = More Cold