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20 January 2010 @ 06:03 am
1)ice age(2)January Thaw(draft  
http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/alerts/a-index.html (1) The sun's energy management is modulated by its location in the milky way. If it is located within one of the galactic rings then it encounters a regular variability in the amount of gravitational density that it encounters (it is travelling through magnetic fields most of which are interstellar clouds that are considered to be the products of supernovae**understand the term Gauss**). This variability of gravitational (magnetic field) density determines how the sun manages its energy production. During the first ~10,000 year period when the sun is in the dense environment of the Interstellar cloud, the pressure imposed upon it forces greater energy production...the earth warms to an interglacial maximum, because increased energy production by the sun correlates with an increase to and strengthening of its releases of magnetically charged ions some of which eventually interact with the earth's magnetosphere causing it to weaken and thus allowing the upper tropospheric response amplitude to increase (this determines earth's temperature capacity..like grabbing a thicker blanket)Furthermore, warming on earth leads to the multidecadal feedback cycle of cold/warm oceans which also contribute as secondary determinants to the breadth of the troposphere.

Now when the earth has warmer oceans...rates of evaporation are greater therefore the amount of "air" increases thus keeping CO2 in a more elevated state and inducing a lagtime response to cooling conditions. In addition when thinking about CO2 remember Niehls Bohr and his excited electrons and entropy. Granted certain wavelengths of infrared radiation are absorbed by CO2,but CO2 is not a black body because the infrared energy that it absorbs will excite the electrons of CO2 until that energy is changed enough to allow it to be reradiated in directions determined only by convective currents....I could go on....

Suffice it to say, the occurrence of the little ice age, lasting nearly 400 years based upon the cycle of minimums recorded, is clear indication that the sun has exhausted its capacity to direct its energy management as a result the sun is now being bullied by its presence within the interstellar cloud. Yes we have warmed since 1850. This cyclical (not sustained) warming more likely indicates that we entered into denser portions of the interstellar cloud that were able to force the Carrington Event and its energy splashback onto the surface of the sun to eclipse its Lorentz force energy containment. The fact that the AP index of the sun is now at a modern 0 indicates that the Sun's Lorentz force energy containment has regained surface level dominance. As such, the earth will be subjected to significantly fewer solar discharges; the magnetosphere will thicken and become more magnetized; the atmosphere will contract; the earth will release greater amounts of energy in proportion to the density requirements of the magnetosphere and contracted atmospheric layers. In all likelihood, according to the Ice Core Data this means we would be better served by preparing for glaciation.

If we are not correcting our infrastructure deficiencies, most in mid and higher latitude locations will suffer and then war with tropical climates (that is a god forsaking type of violence), because during glacials we know that ice grows 1000s of meters thick. Moreover, changes within the sun leading to its increase and tightening of its gravitational current sheet (see i am also explaining why eccentricity, obliquity,and precession-malinkovitch cycles-occur)are responsible for the increase in tectonic activity (earthquakes, volcanoes, and rapid mountain building....OKC, for example, will be a part of the Rocky Mtns)

(2) The January thaw only means that the Southern Hemisphere's temperature maximum (ocean and land) has a global effect. Or as meteorologist Joe Bastardi likes to say the rubber band (esentially running between the tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn) snaps (when the temperature differntials between the hemispheres display their natural inclination to favor warmth...which means that the north polar region is getting colder and snowier in preparation of a counterattack that wins out during its winter battle with the southern hemispher because the warming of the southern hemisphere is already on the decline because the sun angle is getting lower and heat removing tropical cylcone development is on the upswing and even ongpoing itcz rain is reducing the heat available for its combat with the northern hemisphere's cold....
Incidentally, we are still in an el nino so you should never be surpised that the southern hemisphere's warmth effect for the January thaw is near records ...look at where the water are warm (www.osdpd.noaa.gov/data/sst/contour/global100.cf.gif