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10 March 2010 @ 09:32 pm
Kill the Euro  
If not for the Euro, Greek banks would be a lot stronger as a result of their revenue streams being increased by currency exchange demands, especially in the age of instantaneous automation which really formulaically removes the guess work and value of exchange risk.

At present, the unbalanced benefits of the euro for German and French banking institutions is increasingly overestimated because leveraging opportunities have whittled away the value of real income. Devaluative borrowing removes as much value from assets as possible through credit extensions with the assumption that market speeds, productivity, and opportunity will compensate for the loss of real value growth with market efficiencies that require unabated growth in minimally inflationary demand (it is ridiculous).

It is not being said aloud, but Germany and France are increasingly desperate to pull England and Turkey into the Euro to increase solvency, access to leverageable collateral....

It is idiotic to give up revenue for the illusion of Imperium; uniformity of condition makes decision-making paradigmatic and devoid of creativity and leadership.

We must stop ignoring the wisdom of Wilsonian self-determination

: ironically, the pro-euro greenies aren't being green
: talk about trying to put everyone on a grid gets a wide audience in Brussels