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10 October 2010 @ 10:10 am
Being is a Public Responsibility  
1) Communities are dumbed down because the executive neuroanatomy that permits the inherent conjuntiveness of mental life is distracted by social/biological conditions. In the example of abortion, executive neuroanatomy seeks resolution for the error messages that it receives as a result of the interruption of whole-mindedness. The missing fetus creates error messages for the the child care (fetal care) cognitive networks whose developments are stimulated by the fetal signature (uterine knot) exercise of sexual function neuroanatomy and grow their survivalism functionality within the network of mirror neurons ******************************************************************************
(normally executive neuroanatomy project and process the benefits of mirror neurons, but abortion causes synesthetic disengagment that breaks this autonomic utility-impacts developmental capacities of the entire community. IS KILLING OUR SCHOOLS, OUR WAY OF LIFE, AND IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR DRAMATIC SOCIETAL REGRESSION.If you are listening to the lusts of the surgically disinhibited look at me techie existing as "i am ok" mental confabulatory idiots, you are a problem. This is not an issue of language, it consequences significant problems for whole-minded being that are far beyond eastern make you limber "medicines" )
The Individual choices that are damaging community IQ potential by disrupting mental life's inherent conjunctiveness had been obviated....but power lusts watered it down & advertised sexual wrecklessness herded to be abortion seeking women into goaded sex sells lifestyles deluded by the idea that it was consequenceless. The results of abortion were the veritiable enslavement of these women into victimhood wherein they were cuckcolded into believing that the empowerment of their abusers would change the way they felt with their broken minds that created social detachment for them and prospective children; that has led to our failing school system (cracked mirror neuron networks *brain pain signals* & undeveloped mirror neuron networks for children--automatic when the mother's isn't broken), failing schools forced the economy to devolve into service oriented & dysfunctional credit-dependent (debt enslaved) consumerism that wastes because of the waste at its point source.

2) There is no contradiction. I advocate celebration and purging the spotlight of the representatives of dead end ways who are drunk on the concept of self-justifying and domineering power.

3) Identity struggles are common but do not make framing the course for the identity struggles of others for personal advantage any less of a crime.

4) Predicate orders the, a, & an to watch their tongues& to not shirk more important responsibilities by vainly hiding the meaning of their actions

5) The ability to know by any living person will never be more than a speck of sand in comparison to the collective wisdoms of thousands of generations that are expressed as living traditions. For anyone to think otherwise is just plain hubris and is as bad as saying that there is no evil so long as the ambitions of my personal comfort are not interrupted; an inebriated defiance of the actual phenomenological nature of being.

Human progress has, since the eruption of the Volcano Toba ~70,000, gained impetus because the population bottleneck survivors drew upon oral history to direct their communities. There can be no doubt that the passage of time has suited itself to healing the imperfections of knowledge used to ensure human development since these humble beginnings. For the specific instance of the Judeo-Christian tradition,(1) the old testament is the book on laws teaching that when our passions are uncontrolled (by law)we forsake community and being (you can find the eruption) (2) The new testament is the book on love knowingness teaching that we can only find ourselves in the community of being (all that is and is not/ alpha and omega=God, the supreme being to which everyone that is a participant in the community of being is brought closer to being as a part of all through time's attempt to perfect being)

6) Lisa Williams : " If your dream is a big dream, and you want your life to work on the high level that you say you do, there is no way around doing the work it takes to get you there."

7) give your praise and support to the vast number of women (FAMOUS, Stay at home, Woking, Single, Married, etc) among us who do not violate the lives of others for their own advancement but instead actually earn their status and improve the capacities (as is part of the healthy emotion stroking function of female ontogeny, unless their mirrors are broken) of all they encounter.

8) http://www.nwaonline.com/news/2010/apr/08/atheist-group-launches-advertising-campaign/ find cartman in the comment section. No body supersedes the interest of all or has the right to hold the capacities of all hostage to pursue the privacy (idios) of opinions because being is a public responsibility unless you are a slave (in the ancient Greek sense of the words private person) then you are an idiot (idios)

9) It is a crime against humanity to limit the normally inherent sense oriented cognitive gifts to include all just so that you can achieve manipulated advancement.

10) Rat in the maze Heaven/hell is nonsesne.Grab heaven w/all now or be alone(hell)that is eternity's consequential judgment

11). Only self-limited intelligence can threaten us because individual survival/assertion are nominatives of waste

12) Intelligent habitability requires precious parameters that are only conserved by life's unbroken advancement of all by all. Hawking is wrong
: The annual sounds of summer glee have started
: "Secret of Life" James Taylor, "promise of the sun" Alice DiMicele