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04 October 2010 @ 11:43 pm
Gravity, Magnetic Field Changes, the extent of mind, Genetic Variation, Cancer  
Teleportation studies. quantum physics.

Bats, Pigeons, & turtles are all definitely cloud computing with the earth's magnetic field for navigation purposes.

Similarly Einstein and the other greatest minds have been able to pick truth out of thin air by accessing what can only be described as the collective consciousness even when isolated (some have mistakely labeled this as a "bounce effect")

Teleportation of electromagnetic thought signals having chemical signatures at their source should not be surprising.No one has correlated the magnetic field changes to historic advances and regressions, but all of the most uncivilized parts of the world are located in the equatorial regions where the earth's magnetic field is made weakest by the sun always bearing upon it with full effect (the ionosphere is thickest here)

The psychic (esp) concept is ludicrous since the capacities of perception are dependent upon the complex dynamics of solar phenomena and not the genetic makeup of egotists running amok at the mouth.

They are as bad as those who put into political and social practice the intentional developmental sacrifice of the members of a gender because they either do not understand that it will ruin the identity development capacities of the members of the other gender or because they simply want to exploit a new class of victims. Victimization is the most common way to usurp authority and exploit iconicity.
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