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banality of evil 2

The Origins of Totalitarianism - Hannah Arendt
Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment & The Stanford Prison Experiment - At least one essential feature was not studied here - namely, the intense devaluation of the victim prior to action against him. Systematic devaluation of the victim provides a measure of psychological justification for brutal treatment of the victim and has been the constant accompaniment of massacres, pogroms, and wars. In all likelihood, our subjects would have experienced greater ease in shocking the victim had he been convincingly portrayed as a brutal criminal or a pervert. 
Once having acted against the victim, these subjects found it necessary to view him as an unworthy individual, whose punishment was made inevitable by his own deficiencies of intellect and character.
A commonly offered explanation is that those who shocked the victim at the most severe level were monsters, the sadistic fringe of society. But if one considers that almost two-thirds of the participants fall into the category of "obedient" subjects, and that they represented ordinary people drawn from working, managerial, and professional classes, the argument becomes very shaky. Indeed, 
it is highly reminiscent of the issue that arose in connection with Hannah Arendt's 1963 book, Eichmann in Jerusalem. Arendt contended that the prosecution's effort to depict Eichmann as a sadistic monster was fundamentally wrong, that he came closer to being an uninspired bureaucrat who simply sat at his desk and did his job. For asserting these views, Arendt became the object of considerable scorn, even calumny. Somehow, it was felt that the monstrous deeds carried out by Eichmann required a brutal, twisted, and sadistic personality, evil incarnate. After witnessing ordinary people submit to the authority in the experiments, 
We must conclude that Arendt's conception of the banality of evil comes closer to the truth than one might dare imagine. The ordinary person who shocked the victim did so out of a sense of obligation - a conception of his duties as a subject - and not from any peculiarly aggressive tendencies.
This is, perhaps, the most fundamental lesson of our study: ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process.
The Nazi extermination of European Jews is the extreme instance of abhorrent immoral acts carried out by thousands of people in the name of obedience. Yet in lesser degree, this type of thing is constantly recurring: ordinary citizens are ordered to destroy other people, and they do so because they consider it their duty to obey orders. Thus, obedience to authority, long praised as a virtue, takes on a new aspect when it serves a malevolent cause; far from appearing as a virtue, it is transformed into a heinous sin.

I. It really is a lot easier than turning the clock back to the first Thursday of dec 1975 & watching H. Arendt**Curriculum Vitaie**die & then her killers flee to Haiti (no extradition at that time) only to be brought back by "Texas" & then endure the next 39 years as aberrant Paradise Lost

II. The nemeses of my life are egotists who have routinely used the artifice of synecdochal mischaracterizations to put on display the attributed justificatory meanings from which they window sustenance and nurturing for their quests to obtain headlines and lone benefits.

III. Events

1) Bill Clinton Bought the whitewater property during 1972 (grand plan-cigar style...Bank of Yellville financed the mortgage....No properties were sold....Failure to pay Bankruptcy became an overbearing issue during 1975

Whitewater-Bank of Yellville became the big winner. Its loan on the property was the only one that was repaid-with borrowed money. Business is Business identified as uncooperative to the all rules are made to be broken by me Clinton ruthlessness and is used to justify the initiation of the "You won't benefit...I am the law of Arkansas" mentality

2) attorney General was an inconvenient step to remove documents

3) 1974 District 3 loss considered by BC to be the result of Karl King (bank of yellville/democratic party chair/shriner) blabbing about payment history

4) competing with the Lindseys altered support structure in a situation where private time was spent running with the "Cousins" who thought "Okay you have property. Prove that you can work it! We will go the distance!
Backdoored in during AG paperwork shenaningans

5) Two types of politicians $$$ supports *true awe inspiring* & the cut throat who laugh off concern of their example with vanity print that says I got mines and so did my closest $$$ friends..

6) Winter 1975 Our Lady Lourdes (Lafayette, LA) records my poisoning by muscle relaxers belonging to Mike Renfrow--backstories--the lash out # 2)....Talk about holding a grudge and exacting hate upon strangers because you weren't up to mustard to execute your plan by merit and because the fat one got knocked up

____6A) Grandparents visit after I was struck by a car 1983 (civil code file)(told single fact)

7) Side Note on creating Insane conditions that allow the affiliation of labels commonly associated with the same (ad hoc justifications for promoting violent assaults against the well being of my family

8) The Napoleonic Code wielding Bourbons were more than happy to oblige violence and weapons of violence to obtain graft for their bacchnalian feasts celebrating the longevity of their slave-making cultural practices

9) Hillary knew about the marion county money so the indigo girls knew about the marion county money. All efforts were made to prevent my development by HILLARY and the Indigo Girls.

10) Grandma died 1998 and left the Bank of yellville stock and assets and AG Edwards and other brokerages accounts to the Fat One who had been spending the money on her "friends" since grandfather died 1992 (start of college...I wonder how different...and the family...unforgivable. More than $2 million was alot of money at that time...When she finally looked in on the family $460,000 and when I made my wallet was stolen gesture 8 months after the rest of the family had their reunion $390,000-less a car and 40,000 (half of which went to family after the fallout from "you are running out of money but you still prefer spending it on your friends")

______10a) Even though I was verifiably no where near Little Rock during 1992, my social security # (Raymond W Adkins II) was used to establish a residence (for a day apparently) and utility service...Why not Yellville...IT was a MURDER PLOT (with a LOYAL State Trooper)

11) Emily Saliers actually had the audacity to reveal in song how she convinced the fat one to live only for herself.

12)"Go" Indigo Girls "Come on Now Social" except all exit strategies were sabotaged by them "Caramia" I don't want what's best for you

13) "three hits" **BOXED IN as the ISOLATED PAWN whose variables for existence were controlled/determined by the EVILINAS for what doesn't exist (READS AS NEVER EXISTED!) when they intended to be able to say "YOU WERE FOUND TO BE BAD BY THE "FACTS"/STATEMENTS THAT WE MANUFACTURED/BOUGHT BRIBED BOURBONS Aug 23,1990 (doesn't exist even if you had a time machine to aug 24, 1990)

Writing angry=thought elisions

(Seth Macfarlane-Halloween on Spooner Street --October 31, 1976 *bad kitty* who wanted "Carrob Cake" (actual transliteral fight) sells the Optimus Prime story) /Waterboy's bed sheets/ Joe Dirt's not my sister (foster)

____ 13A)Used "three hits" to justify exploiting the Prince of Darkness concept

_____13B) Before Prince of Darkness the State of Louisiana's protective division documented that I was Intellectually Gifted....and then IG got involved with funding NEW HOMES for ACADIANA YOUTH 12/89

14) Vermilion Ville/Vicky Valencourt/Anne Laughlin (Is about how many times I appeared on her Speak Out program) was put to use because they needed to document a justification (that still does not exist ) /singed statement dated10/23/2005(lafayette,la)

____14A) Interestingly on 10/19/2005 signed and paid entire 1 year lease on 2bedroom/2bath apt fayetteville, arkansas

______14A1) When a "friend" gives you their contact information during the 90s and you are known to make use of it occasionally to get them to meet with you (as an owner of a pedestrian life). IN WHAT CONTEXTS IS IT EVER PERMISSIBLE FOR non threatening & non lascivious contact to be used to PROMOTE A MASS MURDERerS POLITICAL AMBITIONS and the acquisitive greed of slave traders!!!!!!!

he 9/22/06 wreck Fayetteville, Arkansas (clinton house )

SIDE NOTES*********

1) Identity Development and The Factors of Self-Portrayal are arched by greed and power lusts:
Moved to Arkansas to face to full truth after BK encounter with family *with arkansas' face of facts in Tow* on the day of my greyhound return to Atlanta. Arrived in Atlanta and troped over the phone lines "my wallet was stolen" to arrange the pickup that moved my life to Arkansas
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