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05 June 2011 @ 11:21 pm
AGW is Falsified  
Climate Change is a titular semantic expropriation of the realities of Galactic phenomenon to advance anti-competitive & ideological opportunisms that permit inflation based marketplace manipulations for the benefit of the few. It is befallen by the absence of logic wherein honest dialogue dictates that if green technology is desired then an energy policy that frees economic factors from reliance upon deficit spending is necessary. Furthermore, it never considers that Greenhouse Gases accumulate when the atmosphere contracts.

If manmade activities were contributing to the Global Warming engram then the atmosphere would be expanding with warming and the gases could not become more concentrated. These gases are accumulating as a result of changes to the magnetic field relations between earth & sun. The weakening of the Sun's surface level magnetism corresponds with strengthening planetary magnetic fields.  
For earth, one marker of the changing magnetic relationship between it & the sun is the decrease in the extent of the ionosphere. Compaction of the ionosphere is indicated by greater magnetosphere density & strength. Magnetosphere density & strength governs the potential for upper tropospheric response amplitude through its relationship with Earth's magnetic core. Since the troposphere is the primary container for atmospheric gases, it is unscientific to make assertions about temperature impacts of GHGs without considering its determinants.  
Here I would like to thank Joe Bastardi for including in his columns & videos links to graphs of the decline of atmospheric temps between 2,000& 25,000 ft on the most recent 10 year scale. This decline can only occur if the rate at which Earth is releasing infrared radiation is increasing. These changes to Earth's Radiative Budget Equation entail that adiabatic lapse rates (ALR) are subjected to conditions of inconstance regulating the directionality & flow rate of convective currents.  
We view the tectonics exercised by the differentiated impacts of the changes to the energy management of the sun as earthquakes & volcanic eruptions. These events occur in response to changes to magnetic field outputs by the gravitodynamic inputs determining solar fusion rates. They are another aspect reinforcing the increase in potency of ERBE through the magnetic field relations of earth & sun because tectonic events release aerosols which strengthen the relationship of attracted polarity between the inner cores of earth & the increasingly ionized magnetosphere.  
Solar warming conditions,conversely, produce an expansion of the Ionosphere by dispersing the ionized strength of earth's magnetic field. The weakening of Earth's magnetic field promotes constancy for ALR by reducing impacts from solar dynamics upon directionality & flow rates for convective currents thereby subjecting them to increasing effects from ground level conditions (lost mechanisms for heat escape)
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