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22 September 2012 @ 11:53 pm
Pregnancy and Atmospheric Facts  

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Pregnancy exercises the brain as though it is subjecting it to the physical experience of high speed and non stop push ups throughout its duration. This exercise radically changes the organization of the female brain; it literally creates a fetal care cognitive network/precursor to child care cognitive network (survival roots). Ending the pregnancy does not stop the fetal care/child care signalling. Nor does destroying the placental nerve response (absence in both cases is Pain/ disruption of normal cognitive function). Progressives exploit the ensuing imbalances through individuating practices that separate these women from their natural communities and link them to group identities whose social actions satisfy the antagonisms of the political aspirants who have sexed up their narratives

**1)it is physiologically impossible for anyone with thoroughgoing life difficulties to stand as anything but the identity example some perfect life speaker is selling as themselves)

**2)Media Elites gladly advance false consciousness to extend dependencies and to expand their access to privileges


CO2 determined Global Warming is junk because warming entails that the physical processes that led to Nitrogen possessing a 78% atmospheric concentration and Oxygen a 21 % concentration would require that their atmospheric concentrations increase and CO2 decrease (Why do temperatures on earth warm...Atmospheric heights increase and thus Earth's Radiative Budget Equation loses effect because atmospheric pressure is less. Why does the atmosphere increase in height? 1) Albedo 2) Warmer oceans 3) Magnetic Field disruption by Solar Activity- Magnetosphere density decreases and Ionosphere expands.
a) When the Magnetosphere is dense(tectonics/cosmic rays) the ultimate effect of Albedo and Ocean temperatures upon atmospheric heights is less
b) Oceans will release CO2 at enhanced rates until the temperature threshold for CO2 absorption is reached.
c) CO2 increases in concentration when the atmosphere and its boundary layers shrink and natural processes that effect responding concentrations of Nitrogen and Oxygen are not enhanced by warming.
d)Terraforming deserts will lower atmospheric heights which will increase precipitation and lower temperatures (think rainforests).
e) Painting roofs white to use the physics of albedo will increase atmospheric heights (desertify/ enhance urban heat islands>>>