"Laurels Burning"

Tendrilled distractions ransom tangled feet
As embroideries bound tight to their coats
By nodes paved,fenced & speedily discrete.
Seclusion ballasts orient all floats

To ordered convenience from verdant ports
Like persistent chattel toiled infections
Mining confused silence from private courts.
Underneath resolved service solutions,

Adventuring youthful contrarieties
Celebrate despair beyond moonlit tense
Dressing vigils for homemade destinies;
Awe praises their vibrant choral fountains.

"When blind devils cook complex divisions,
Open memories remake horizons."

Loan Markets (Aggregating value reduces vitality/its nature *value productiveness* by reducing use-e

To clarify the purpose of this thought exercise, let's begin by granting deserved regard for student loans as very reasonable inventions that are wisely bounded in public supported forms with practical borrowing limits. Significant public attention, however, is now devoted to the pyramids of debt, chiefly student loans, encumbering full participation in consumption markets. I propose that these voiced complaints are made reasonable by systemic monetary flaws created by the current organizational structure of student loan markets because it exchanges no marketplace value (work/productivity/energy) through responsibility for loan origination authorship.
1) Federal subsidization of payments on interest for student loans is an unused means for providing value in exchange to academic institutions offering student loans through local & regional banks or their own credit unions under the Aegis of the interest payment program
a) continuous interest subsidies only on payment inactive student loans
(1) no enrollment means interest accrual on the borrower's principal
(2) Enrollment earns originators reasonable cause to keep interest subsidies for loans under Fed Reserve control even if loans under Federal Reserve control are subject to non-interest accrual because of enrollment status
(a)Subsidy has local economic value
{1} economic expansion enables loan repayment.
{2} Every loan quantifies an economic sector's needs of interest and demands responsible guidance.
2) Defaults are purposeless exercises that are now better managed through the formulaic borrowing curtailment imposed by the credit weight attributed to outstanding debt.
3) There is no reason why the Federal Reserve system cannot create a stable income system for local banks/ academic institutions providing student loans through the purchasing of payment inactive student loan debts and the selling of active payment debt (thereby providing stable means for capitalization).
4) Improved borrowing ratios for local and regional banks will improve capital access for entrepreneurship and feed home values and mortgage markets...........
5) Obviously partial purchases/structured payments options
6) Interest subsidies are meant to encourage the creation of taxable income

Pregnancy and Atmospheric Facts

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Pregnancy exercises the brain as though it is subjecting it to the physical experience of high speed and non stop push ups throughout its duration. This exercise radically changes the organization of the female brain; it literally creates a fetal care cognitive network/precursor to child care cognitive network (survival roots). Ending the pregnancy does not stop the fetal care/child care signalling. Nor does destroying the placental nerve response (absence in both cases is Pain/ disruption of normal cognitive function). Progressives exploit the ensuing imbalances through individuating practices that separate these women from their natural communities and link them to group identities whose social actions satisfy the antagonisms of the political aspirants who have sexed up their narratives

**1)it is physiologically impossible for anyone with thoroughgoing life difficulties to stand as anything but the identity example some perfect life speaker is selling as themselves)

**2)Media Elites gladly advance false consciousness to extend dependencies and to expand their access to privileges


CO2 determined Global Warming is junk because warming entails that the physical processes that led to Nitrogen possessing a 78% atmospheric concentration and Oxygen a 21 % concentration would require that their atmospheric concentrations increase and CO2 decrease (Why do temperatures on earth warm...Atmospheric heights increase and thus Earth's Radiative Budget Equation loses effect because atmospheric pressure is less. Why does the atmosphere increase in height? 1) Albedo 2) Warmer oceans 3) Magnetic Field disruption by Solar Activity- Magnetosphere density decreases and Ionosphere expands.
a) When the Magnetosphere is dense(tectonics/cosmic rays) the ultimate effect of Albedo and Ocean temperatures upon atmospheric heights is less
b) Oceans will release CO2 at enhanced rates until the temperature threshold for CO2 absorption is reached.
c) CO2 increases in concentration when the atmosphere and its boundary layers shrink and natural processes that effect responding concentrations of Nitrogen and Oxygen are not enhanced by warming.
d)Terraforming deserts will lower atmospheric heights which will increase precipitation and lower temperatures (think rainforests).
e) Painting roofs white to use the physics of albedo will increase atmospheric heights (desertify/ enhance urban heat islands>>>

sometimes visual aids help My Wrists Told Me (Marissa Tomei)

When Does Leann Cartman decide to tell Eric the truth? While she is in bed with Bill Clinton

image of andy 18 months after the two now famous girls tried to kill him by slicing his wrists (FT. Bragg, NC). Pain-based neurocircuits still register the event both in mind and location

(Left Wrist/ The Stick)

Left wrist suffered high degree serration; the wound was caused by the stick

The right wrist was cleanly scarred by the swiss army knife.

(Right Wrist/ Swiss Army knife)

who fathered eric Cartman( cartman's Mom is a dirty slut & Episodes named 200 & 201)
http://www.last.fm/music/Indigo+Girls/_/tried+to+be+true (what separates>they've hated me from day 1>They love HRC & Bill)
http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/indigogirls/somethingreal.html (Sun on a funeral. Full moon in a midday sky= Son was eclipsed...)
I can do this all day and all night (see Joe Dirt)
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Solar Storms. Atmospheric Pressure/Temp Variation, & The "Adkins' Bauble"

1) The AGW/climate change debate will remain tendentious so long as language conditions promote evidentiary bias.

2) For example, the injection of SO2 and other tectonic aerosols into the upper atmosphere are conveniently assigned the AGW friendly property of infrared reflectivity when in fact they are more properly to be understood as action potentials (that can become dispersed properties of the Ionosphere) with contributory impacts upon upper atmosphere magnetism and the top to bottom layering of pressure change potential that are essential to ERBE processes.

2a) Here I am also thinking about implications for why weather regimes of pressure can exhibit an increase tendency to become stuck–pressure and magnetic density as correlates to resistance to change and determinants of what energy balance is required to overcome their conditions

2b) The southern plains upper high that is responsible for the heat wave exists because the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and off the Florida coast which had their heat potential abetted by the freshwater spring floods have remained undisturbed by Tropical Cyclone Activity. As a result, these waters have been able to maximally contribute to the Upper Tropospheric Response Amplitude supporting the upper level high. When tropical cyclone activity increases over the gulf and atlantic coastal water, the upper high pressure will be cut off from its energy source. Such will allow the intrusion cooler weather regimes.***See late may/early June Water temps http://www.osdpd.noaa.gov/ml/ocean/sst/anomaly.html& compare with Temperature & Precipitation (Climate Feedback...)

3) Similarly, albedo reflectivity does not necessarily entail the escape of infrared energy. It is controlled by the same directionality and convective flow rates of infrared energy conditions determining the measurable responses obtained from the saturation levels of greenhouse gases.

3a) If everyone painted their roofs white then temperatures between 2000 and 25000 feet would warm and still overspread surface areas to the extent allowed by ERBE processes and the amount of EXTRA NOISE from longwave energy conversions that bringing a lab experiment outside subjects it to (Directionality & flow of convective currents-infrared energy) Warming at those heights will increase Upper tropospheric Response Amplitude thereby inhibiting natural ERBE Processes(Higher-warmer- Heights=more drought!!!!Lower-cooler-Heights=Rainmaking Time). Albedo conditions sustain deserts and place limits upon the warming feedback that is obtained during summers in High Latitudes. Surface absorption of heat is a good thing because it keeps atmospheric heights lower thus increasing the effect of ERBE.

3b) It is completely dishonest, furthermore, to knowingly treat greenhouse gas saturations as being the primary determinants of rates of warming in computer model formulations and outcomes that are used to steer policy debates in ways that benefit "yourselves" and other well positioned allies and thereby limit the political and economic opportunities of all others When in fact greenhouse gas saturation is a dependent outcome of heliospheric conditions that are produced by the conditions of location on the Galactic orbital plane (of which changes to impose heliopsheric conditions that entail greenhouse gas concentration) . 

Catastrophisms are lucrative memes to base careers upon because they enable current social systems to be vilified so that market conditions can be steered toward exploitable domains of uncertainty.

Adkins Bauble: An increase in hefty sunspot activity is implicated as a factor for global height potentials of boundary layers and therefore is a means to break stagnation in weather patterns that result from Maximum Entropy Production (Warm heights release less infrared energy and are locked in place by Cold/lower heights releasing more infrared energy)

"Capitol Defense"

Fulcrum levers ferment toxic drinking.
A saddled city gaping to malaise
Endures conjunctive arrows beckoning
Curtained arms hasten on your swing best days

If blind fogs coat the revealed injuries
Like tendered troubles drawn to replace bad
And daily deals convened from new queries
Address brave clairvoyance as being mad.

Forgive belching doorways retreating close.
The exhaled candles reserve better yields
From burdens born in praise harvesting rows.
Their solemn cries cultivate urgent fields.

"Seed solution makers to script shaved lawns
When our needs require purpose to fame dawns."

"Invisible Doubts"

Shielded contrarieties wasted daylight
Like absurd ornaments for commonplace
Disinhabited of moment and height.
Their lips summer pretense and winter strays

In purchased ads to sell required depths.
Veneers immobilizing viewed patience
Tremble as slants split into unnerved clefts
Born with loot mesmerized occupations.

When absent caution is thundered, beggars
Discharge tears fooled by cold freedom bridges.
From quarrels on what reason endeavors
Let us rather cement leverages.

For if decay disadventures life springs,
Programmed dangers will reserve all mournings.